Update 5/12

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With a little over a month away from the event, our preparations have finally reached the point where we can share some details and updates with you. 


If you haven't gotten a hotel room yet, remember that the Colonial Inn's block discount is only through May 15, so you'll need to act fast! Look on our website's details page for contact info. 

Carpooling or AirBnB connections: if anyone is driving to the Boston area, and has space in their car that they don't mind offering to a guest, please let us know! The same goes for people who are getting AirBnBs and might have an extra space for a guest. Likewise, let us know if you'd like a ride or a space to crash, and we'll do our best to connect you with someone.


It looks like we're going to have quite a party! We're currently hovering at around 200 guests, and Liz and I are both super excited to share our big day with all of you! We're doing our best to keep things as safe as possible for an indoor venue, and thankfully the venue has tall ceilings and lots of windows, which we'll keep open for ventilation. 


We've collected a lot of responses about food preferences and have done our best to accommodate anyone and everyone's allergies, sensitivities, and palates. Our cocktail hour will consist of some combination of Italian antipasti, most likely bruschetta, caprese skewers, and other light finger foods. For dinner, we're going to have a Russian food buffet! We'll have everything from rice pilaf with lamb or vegetables, roasted potatoes with mushrooms, eggplant spread with black bread, grilled vegetables, and puff pastries filled with cabbage and cheese. For a full list of what foods to expect, keep an eye on the schedule page or reach out to Vasya. 


We're thrilled to be hosting a veritable treasure trove of fantastic musicians. The evening will be kicked off by Irish music hosted by Torrin Ryan and Amy Law, who will be undoubtedly joined by other musicians as they arrive. After dinner we're going to have two types of folk dance with live music! As the evening winds down there will be plenty of spaces in the building to kick off a proper Irish session, so bring your instruments! The dance floor for the "afterparty" will be taken over by several DJs, who will aim to make you dance off whatever is left of your legs. Between Irish tunes or dance music, your listening choices will be varied, and if you're more looking for quiet conversation(or a nap?), there will also be isolated hangout spots all around the building. 


We're going to have a microphone set up during dinner, during which you're invited to come up to say a toast, sing a song, perform a yoyo trick, or anything else that you feel is appropriate to the location. We're still working out the details on how exactly this will work, but prepare your best anecdote or party trick for maximum impact!


International and English Country dancing will be the two structured styles of dance at the wedding. We're lucky to have some of our favorite callers as wedding guests, who have graciously agreed to call some dances for us. International dancing will be called by Marcie Van Cleave right after dinner, and Joanna Reiner Wilkinson will be calling English Country Dances after cake. We're still working out the details for which specific dances will be called, and we will do our best to share the steps and music for them so you can prepare if you'd like. All of the dances will be taught and walked through by the callers, so don't be nervous about joining in! We know there will be a lot of guests who have never done either type of dance before; the dances will be chosen accordingly(maybe we'll sneak in one advanced English dance...)

We're thrilled and excited and more than a little nervous, but this is shaping up to be a fabulous evening! 

Hope you're all doing well,
Liz and Vasya

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Update 5/30
We're starting to count down the days! We're very excited and a little nervous(ok, more than a little), but things are moving along! We're getting our final adjustments to our outfits, finalizing plans with all sorts of food and furniture providers, and talking to our many wonderful friends who are organizing the event with us. We hope you're as excited as we are!

Our "Registry"

We have the donation page up for anyone who feels generous and would like to help us live out the dream of going on a honeymoon or buy a house. For details please go to https://lizandvasya.com/registry.


If you signed up to help with a certain task on the RSVP form, we're going to start sending out emails sometime this week to connect you with the other guests who will be in charge of the tasks that we need help with. Keep your eyes peeled!


We have one friend leaving from NYC who would be happy to carpool with anyone else who wants to join him on the trip up to Boston. If you're looking to carpool from the NYC area, let us know and we'll connect you! And of course if you're interested in carpooling from anywhere else, let us know and we'll send out an update here and try to connect you to anyone who might want to join in.

Couch crashing

A friend is looking for a couch to crash on for the evening of the wedding. If you have a couch at your AirBnB or home, please let us know so we can connect you. Likewise, let us know if you need a couch to crash on, let us know so we can put out a call.

COVID testing

We're doing our best to keep everyone safe at our large wedding gathering, and so we'd like to remind you to take a rapid test before showing up. If you don't have any rapid tests, you should be able to still order some through USPS, and most insurances are still covering rapid tests as well.

Stay tuned for more updates as the date gets closer!
Liz and Vasya
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