What should I wear?

Please come in celebratory cocktail attire, whatever that means to you. This is not necessarily a formal event (though Liz loves elegant formalwear, so feel free to explore that), but no jeans please.

As you will see in our schedule, we have several styles of dancing in our evening program, and we are excited to have everyone make a fool of themselves join in the festivities! So make sure to bring some comfortable shoes.

What are your COVID safety protocols?

All attendees must be vaccinated and boosted, unless under the age of 6 months. Please take an at-home COVID test before arriving on Friday. If you are feeling under the weather or exhibiting any symptoms, please do not attend. We will miss you terribly.

Can I bring a plus-one? Can I bring my kids?

Plus-ones are absolutely more than welcome to join (as long as they're ready to have a good time)!

Children are also enthusiastically welcome! We ask that their guardians prep them on what they might expect at this event, and agree to keep at least half an eye on them throughout the evening.

I have a dietary restriction, will there be food to accommodate it?

Yes! Vasya's love language is keeping people happily fed, so we want to ensure we have food for everyone. Please include any food restrictions in your RSVP (both preferences and allergens), and we will make sure food is clearly labeled. 

Where can I stay overnight?

Concord’s Colonial Inn is a sweet historic inn located a 5 minute walk from the venue. We have a room block with a discounted rate that can be used to book until May 16th, pending room availability. Please note that as they are a smaller local inn, they do have limited room availability. Call them at (978) 369-9200 and use the code 0616MK or mention our last names (reminder: MacLachlan and Kondrashov).

The Marriott’s Residence Inn is two miles away from the venue, roughly a 10 minute drive. We do not have a room block with them, but they do have rooms available (at the time of writing this, at least).

Concord and the surrounding areas also have lovely houses available through house-rental sites like Airbnb and Vrbo. If you’re coming with multiple family members or friends, consider renting a house to share!

What's the parking situation?

While 51 Walden does not have a designated parking lot, there are a few available lots in the surrounding blocks, including behind the post office down the street (entrance next to 10 Walden St). Street parking is also available.

Do you have a registry?

We do not have a gift registry, and we truly ask only for your presence at our wedding. However, if you want to gift something to us, we would greatly appreciate a financial gift, either to help us celebrate with a glorious honeymoon or to help us prepare for buying a house together.

To make it easier for you to choose the direction of your gift, we've set up a registry page, and we'll have a box for checks at the wedding itself. 

Anything you decide to gift us is incredibly appreciated, and absolutely nothing is expected.

Perhaps we'll go back to Venice!
What's the venue like?

51 Walden Performing Arts Center was constructed in 1887 to serve as the town armory, and currently operates as a performing arts center for theatre, music, dance, and more. They have old hard-wood floors that are perfect for dancing and a large hall that will fit all 200+ of us! To help with air flow, the hall has high ceilings and doors to the outside that can stay open, as well as newly-installed air purifiers and UV light disinfectants. To learn more about the building, visit their facility site here.

So...what are all these types of dancing in your schedule anyway?

We met because of folk dancing, and we are excited to share it with you! All these styles of dance will be taught by experienced dance leaders, so we hope you'll try out a few with us.

International Dancing can cover a lot of styles, but for this event it will mostly include circle dances from Eastern Europe. They do not need a dance partner and everyone does the same steps in a repeating pattern while standing next to each other in a big circle or spiral. Leading this dance style will be Marcie Van Cleave.

English Country Dancing is what you would have seen in the background of any Jane Austen movie. It is a couples dance (meaning each person needs a partner) with couples moving along the set and dancing with other couples that they meet. It is usually a slower elegant style of dance. Leading this dance style will be Joanna Reiner Wilkinson.

If I want to help out with the wedding, who can I talk to?

For those of you who navigated to this question out of curiosity - keep in mind that this wedding is celebrating the union of two people who have been active in the theatre world, the event planning world, and the folk community world. This event is at a refurbished historic armory, turned community theatre and dance hall, and will likely be more DIY than you expect from something called as fancy a term as "wedding." 

So in that vein, if you feel able to and interested in offering us your time and talents for a short time (likely on the day itself), please add details in your RSVP, or you can email either of us.

Some types of help we are interested in might include: moving tables or chairs, decorating or undecorating the hall, making flower arrangements, sweeping at the end of the night(/early morning), setting up rented furniture, or overseeing rental pick-up Saturday morning. Let us know if you think of something we might be missing!

How can I stay updated on the latest wedding news?

You can check our Updates page! We will also send notification emails when we make updates to the website, so you can sign up if you want to receive those.